Historical Background

Until fairly recently, the most that was known about the early history of the Hart family was contained in this short newspaper article, which discussed a meeting that was held on August 24, 1925.  Family reunions were held regularly on both Independence Day and Labor Day for the next few years, and the earliest details […]

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Hart family poem

  THE ANCIENT PROPRIETORS OF SHANVALLEY,  By McKinley 1835 NOW PREPARING FOR AMERICA.   Shanvalley, once the pride of all these parts, And flourished long beneath the race of Harts; As if in sorrow at going away, Now clouded seems, and falling to decay. The fertile fields and meads so gay, so green Where Winter’s […]

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circa 1890s

From an Album put together around or after 1904 for a memorial service or a reunion.  

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Smiths Creek Train Depot

By Margaret Gould-Hart / Typed by Evelyn Jean Hart / 1929 In our rapidly changing conditions, old landmarks soon disappear and the new generations, whether descendants of the first settlers or the children of newcomers, lose much of local history and the spirit of the pioneers; so feeling that, possibly, I can add something of […]

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