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  1. My adoptive father was William Garnett Noble. I can fill you in about many of the Noble family as I was and am in touch with many of the family. I do family history research as a profession, and I have found 12 generations of my birth famiy. If I don’t have the information immediately at hand I cn certainly find it re the Nobles. (I was in touch with 2 of Andrew and Mable Noble’s grandsons this morning!)
    Marg. H.

  2. Hi my name is Ethan hart and I’m 16. I’ve been trying to trace my fathers history since I was 12. And I can’t get anywhere. All I can get to is where my great grand father, Charles Leo Hart sr. Was born which was in moundsville West Virginia in 1928 since there was no record of his father and who he was it makes it almost impossible to find out about my history which is really important to me. Can anyone help me out? If so email me at arsenal437@gmail.com. Thank you

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