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workingThe site has taken on a new look as well as the addition of a more detailed and informative family tree section.  This section is now called “Genealogy” .  There are many functions to utilize; selection by surname, to detail by individual as well as many charts available to view. Most charts are available as a customized .pdf file for viewing and printing.

These are just a few of the new capabilities of  our web site. Do you want to know who was born or died today in history? Calendar

There will be more sections completed in the near future.

I invite you to check out it. We now have 3,268 individuals in our tree, 407 are living (you can’t see unless you are signed in), 726 unique surnames and over 1,500 photos attached to various people.

If you have any comments, questions or information to share, please contact us.

One thought on “Web Site update

  1. Hi Jonathan, Here is some information I got from Wayne’s Wife.
    Wayne Frederick Hart:
    Father – Frederick Hart
    Wife – Louise Esther Reamer Hart
    Brother – Ray Hart
    Ray Hart’s Son – Dean Hart;
    Dean also is working on his Families Genealogy
    Iwill send you that info as it becomes available
    Gary Dusett

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