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  1. I am just writing because my father is Cameron hart, son of Clifford hart, which is the son of a Samuel hart. I have an uncle Neil hart in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also Gordon and Wayne hart. Clifford was raised in Kipling, sk by great uncle will. They lived in the land owned by Dr. Dan Hart. (Practiced in Kipling and Regina, sk) Our harts are mainly in Canada. Clifford passed away in 1994 and is in a cemetery on the east side of Regina, sk. He had a brother named Neil hart who floated around Canada on foot and train between Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and was a short time in Calgary Alberta. I have just been left a bucket of information by my mother and was asked to put a biography together, my fathers cousin is sending me the information he has on the harts. His name is Mel hart and he resides in be. He was a Canadian RCMP but has retired. He has two children David and Carla. Also bob hart is in NAicam, BC. He is very adventurous in business and remains in contact with my father, Not sure if this is the descendants if the same Samuel hart but thought it may be if interest.

  2. We have some some Hart’s in our tree that immigrated to Canada some from Ireland, some may have immigrated from Scotland directly and bypassed Ireland. Some went into Canada from Minnesota and North Dakota. Based on the location of your Canadian Harts, I suspect they entered Canada from the northern states. The names you mention Samuel and uncle Will (William) could fit into our tree but there is not enough information in your note to establish that. If you could supply more information (birth dates,birth locatons, death dates, locatons, etc), that would be helpful to determine any relationship. I hope you can share more information with us.
    Thank you for making contact

  3. I have Donald Cameron who came to Canada in 1819. He had a son Archibald. He also had a three brothers Archibald, William, and Hector. Donald was born in Baramolach. His birthdate is June 24, 1793 and died in 1858 Caledon Township. I have more information that goes further back. His oldest daughter Mrs. Malcolm Malloy had 11 children. Her oldest daughter Christina married Samuel Hart. They had 12 children. Of them Thomas Alexander Hart, had 5 Mary, Albert, William, Neil, Clifford. Clifford is my grandfather and was born in 1904 and died in 1990. The uncle Will is the son of Agnes Cameron and Malcom Malloy.

  4. Clifford farmed in Kipling, SK. Where he met and later married Olice Van Dyne in Avonlea, SK who was teaching in the kipling area. Caledon Township is in Peel County, ON.

  5. There is no apparent connection other than the surname “Hart” to anyone in our tree. If we do find a link we will will bring that connection to your attention.
    Thank you so much for the information

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