Johnson, Scott, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wampler, Rufus A  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I173
2 Wampler, J B  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1337
3 Kilgore, Mary Jane Polly  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1405
4 Burke, Nina C  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3444
5 Burke, John J.  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1980
6 Addington, George W  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1925
7 Addington, Fannie V  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3052
8 Addington, Emory Walker  1930Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2320
9 Wampler, Rufus A  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I173
10 Wampler, Rosannah M E  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2045
11 Wampler, Nathaniel B.  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1305
12 Moore, Blanche A  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1354
13 McConnell, Sylvester W  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2044
14 McConnell, Lyndsey  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1168
15 McConnell, Laura H  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I402
16 Kilgore, Mary Jane Polly  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1405
17 Hartsock, Goldie Ethel  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2377
18 Burke, Nina C  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3444
19 Burke, John J.  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1980
20 Broadwater, Mary Helen  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2263
21 Addington, Kate  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I322
22 Addington, Fannie V  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3052
23 Addington, Emory Walker  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2320
24 Addington, Arnold Lee  1920Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1116
25 Wampler, Thersey A  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3560
26 Wampler, Rufus A  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I173
27 Wampler, Rosannah M E  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2045
28 Wampler, Nathaniel B.  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1305
29 Wampler, Maggie E  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I698
30 Wampler, Chloe D  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3029
31 Wampler, Arnold G  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1021
32 Moore, Blanche A  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1354
33 McConnell, Sylvester W  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2044
34 McConnell, Philip Sylvester  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I401
35 McConnell, Pearl M  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3586
36 McConnell, Pearl M  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3586
37 McConnell, Lyndsey  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1168
38 McConnell, Ettie G  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3243
39 McConnell, Cordelia Victoria  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2053
40 Harris, Ellen L  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2043
41 Burt, William H  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2539
42 Burt, Enlie C  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I2382
43 Burke, William H  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1652
44 Burke, Wanda  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1057
45 Burke, Rose Estelle  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3571
46 Burke, Oda E  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3042
47 Burke, Nina C  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I3444
48 Burke, Mary  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I450
49 Burke, Mary  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I450
50 Burke, John J.  1910Johnson, Scott, Virginia I1980

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