Shanvalley Poem

Over a year ago we received a poem from a 3rd great-grandson of Moses Hart. This poem was written in the late 1820’s or early 1830’s by an Irish teacher named McKinley. McKinley was a friend of the Hart family and wrote this for them as they prepared to leave Ireland for their journey to the United States. The significance of this poem is that it confirmed the names of individuals in our Hart family, not only the names but a poetic description of each person and the area where they lived, all, except the person who reprinted the poem from the original, Moses Hart. Over a year after this important paper was shared with us, Bill Sayre, a 3rd great-grandson of James Hart, also share with us a copy of the same poem, this one included the missing stanza about Moses Hart. The poem is now complete.

You can view a transcription of the poem here: Hart family poem