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1 A portion of Lancaster Co. was taken in 1656 to form Old Rappahannock Co. which was later divided into Essex and Richmond Counties in 1692, and the Essex Co.
Burk, John (I3037)
2 Charles Washington Burke The Iowa 1925 Census has a lot of valuable information. When downloading be sure to get all 3 pages, only shows the first Page and you have to page through the census. 1925 owned their home free and clear, value 3500.00 carried insurance for home at 700.00 A hand written notation in the margin indicates they were located on N. 11th St. the house number is listed as 1031. Located in Cedar Rapids, Linn Co. Iowa The census lists the parents and ages at last birthday of all people on the census. The age of Charles is listed as 48 and Cordelia as 46. Charles Burke’s father is Isiah Burke (census takers misspelling of Isaiah) birthplace Virginia, no age for last birthday which indicates he is no longer living or the interviewee didn’t know. His mother is Ellen Harris, (it’s wonderful that they indicate the maiden name), birthplace Virginia, also no age for last birthday. Cordelia Burke’s father is Sylvester McConnell, birthplace Virginia, and 67 on his last birthday. Her mother is Rosanna Wampler, birthplace Virginia, and 65 on her last birthday. Cordelia indicates a city in the state she was born as Wayland, Virginia. Though her death certificate indicates she was born in Gate City, Va. And I can’t find a town or city call Wayland in Virginia. Two other people are living at home at the time of this census; Earnest R. Burke, son, age 21, Birthplace Virginia. , Lora E. Burke, daughter, age 18, birthplace Kentucky. Cordelia and Lora indicated they were Presbyterian, Charles and Earnest had no Church affiliation. Cordelia checked the occupation box “Are you engaged in domestic and personal service” as most wives did also. Charles checked the occupation box “Are you engaged in trade and transportation” Earnest checked the occupation box “Are you a laborer unclassified” Lora checked none of the occupation boxes Cordelia and Charles went to a rural school and complete what was called the 4th reader. Lora went to grade school and completed 7th grade Earnest went to high school and completed 12th grade Information from Tom Rainson (grandson): Charles died in Iowa. The story goes that he had a stroke while working at his job as a railroad conductor. He finished his shift and then died at the end of the day. That burial took place in or near Cedar Rapids.
Burke, Charles Washington (I2052)
3 David /Spicher/
Spicher, David (I3658)
4 Fleming Burke, Junior gave his age as 48 on the 1850 Russell County, VA census and his place of birth as Russell Co., VA. Also on the 1850 Russell Co., VA census, his wife, (Nancy Jessee) is listed as aged 42; and, there is a son, Isaiah, listed as 18.
Burk, JUNIOR Fleming (I1361)
5 In Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Somhairle ('Sorley') is interchangeable with Samuel.
Hart, Samuel (I1284)
6 Information from Tom Rainson (grandson): Grandma's (Daisy Blanche) father, Joseph Roland Rector, died on the farm in Ohio. He went to live with Arthur and Blanche when he was done with marriages and farming. He died of a heart attack, and the story goes that Grandma Blanche sent Donnie running to a neighbor farm for help because they did not have a phone. He was buried next to our great grandmother, his first wife, Emma Belle Martin Rector in Newark Cemetery. Residents of the Newark Cemetery also include the Martins and the Rudds.
Emma died giving birth to Martha so Daisy was raised by her maternal grandfather and his second wife. Daisy was 18 months old at the time.

Coder Funeral Home in LaBelle, MO made the arrangements for her burial. Pallbearers were Howard Howes, Charles Ewalt, Ollie Dawson, John Will Redding, Lewis Howard, and Bill Bedsoe. Rev. Colman White and Rev. Floyd Hamilton presiding. Buried in Newark Cemetery.

Drivers License - State of Missouri Operator's License B 620-135-080-295. City of LaBelle, County of Lewis. Born 4/16, 110 Pounds, 5'2", Blue Eyes.

Death Certificate: In Bank Vault.

Member of the Newark Christian Church.

Died of a coronary.
Rector, Daisy Blanche (I466)
7 Isiah /Burke/
All I have on Isaiah Burke is a photograph that says C.W. Burke on the back in a childish script and Mr. & Mrs. Isiaha Burke written perhaps later by a more mature hand. Even at that, it could be Charles' brother rather than father.
Burke, Isaiah Nathaniel (I2042)
8 Mary Tarrant married Thomas Tuggle in Christ Church Parish, Lancaster Co., VA c1659. ("The Tuggle Family of Virginia," by Vivian S. Tuggle, Gateway Press, Baltimore 1970). A 1668 Middlesex Co. tithable list shows a John Burk, age 11, a son by a previous marriage, and three Tuggle children living with Thomas and Mary Tuggle
Mary Tarrant (I408)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I900)
10 Nancy May found a death record for ROBERT BURK, son of Fleming Burk, Sr and Rebecca Burk. We would like to know more about this. It gave the death date (18 June 1865) and said that he was murdered by JOHN C. LINTECUM. This information was found on the internet - possibly on the web-site for Russell Co., VA.
Burke, Robert (I2557)
11 Sally Burke (who married a Mr. Browning) died before the 1848 will of her father Russell Co., VA. Will Book 6, Page 121, dated Oct. 12, 1846, probated March 7, 1848.
Burke, Sally Sarah (I961)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I899)
13 The will of Fleming Burke, Senior was dated Oct. 12, 1846 and was probated Mar. 7 , 1848 in Russell County, Virginia. (Will Book 6, page 121, Russell Co., VA.) It was proven 5 April 1848 & 21 May 1848. In it he gives 6 slaves variously to his legatees. But, one, he specified the following: "I liberate, manumit, and forever set free my Negro woman slave Betsy, now upwards of forty years of age, in consideration of her faithfulness in serving and attending to me and my family; and I set apart out of my estate the sum of fifty dollars to be placed in the hands of my son William, as trustee for her, or in case of his death or refusal to take charge of it, then in the hands of my executor, to be applied for the use and benefit of said Betsy, as said trustee or executor may think proper to apply it, until it may all be exhausted". The Motto on the Coat of Arms of the Burk family: Ung - Roy , One King; Ung - Foy, One Faith; Ung - Loy, One Law. Another possible spelling of the first name: FLEMYN, rather than Fleming. Fleming Burke, Senior had a brother named John Burk(e). That John Burk(e) married a Rebecca Vermillion. Fleming Burk shows up on the Russel Co Personal Propery Tax List for the first time in
Burk, Fleming (I958)
14 Thomas Tuggle, in his will dated 1681 (Middlesex Co. Wills, 1695-1798, Pt. 1 pp. 27-28), left John Burk the right to use a tract of land for tobacco John Burk patented 191 acres of unclaimed land on the main swamp of Sunderland in Middlesex Co. in 1686, and on Aug. 2, 1686 he and his wife (unnamed) sold 50 acres of it to John Lewis of New Kent Co. for 1002 pounds of tobacco which, in turn, was used to pay for the survey of his remaining 140 acres (Middlesex Co. Deed Book 1679-1694, No. 2, pp. 229-230)
Burk, John (I1501)
15 12 years older than Daisy Blanche Rector Martin, Minnie Myrtle (I237)
16 12/24/1955 Gogo, Chris Alexander (I515)
17 1870 
Source (S38)
18 1870 
Source (S42)
19 1870 
Source (S48)
20 1900 census indicates that Aunt Irina or Gina Duddly is living with the family, maybe from Margret's side of the family Gould, Margaret E (I384)
21 1927: May 20th he talked to Charles Lindbergh at Roosevelt Field (now a Mall) and asked him how he felt about the fliight. He said "Pretty Good" got in the plane with his remaining five sandwiches and flew to Paris. 1941: Was described as blue eyed, blonde haired, and of light complexion. 1942: Albert Rainson was registered as a Senior Warden for the Manhasset Unit with the Office of Civilian Protection in Nassau County, N.Y. He was No. 13123 and had blue eyes, weighed 140 pounds, stood 5'6", and had grey hair. Lived at 88 Manor Dr., Great Neck, NY. Rainson, Albert H (I3505)
22 1993-2002 White Pages, Little Rock, AR, USA: Acxiom Corporation 
Source (S55)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I660)
24 ? /Flood/ Flood, Joe (I3655)
25 ? /Glassford/ Glassford, Edith (I1452)
26 A descendant of John Burke and Rebecca Vermillion Burke, Mary E. Skelton of Marietta, Georgia, wrote the following on October 15, 1984 to I. F. Burke of Lexington, KY: "I am descended from John Burke, brother of Fleming Burke, Senior, and his wife (John's) Rebecca Vermillion of Russell Co. (VA). They went to Illinois in 1830 and lived out their lives there. They and many of their descendants are buried in a beautiful country cemetery 1/2 miles from where I was born and raised. (She does not state where that is). We were there in early Sept. (1984) for the first reunion of the one-room country school I attended. Land for it was given by one of John's sons, another son gave land for the local Methodist Church, and my great-grandfather Burke gave land for another country school down the road. Robert E. Burke (now I remember) probably mentioned Imogene Verdal, P.O. Box 754, St. Paul, Virginia 24283. I have corresponded with her for some time. She is descended from Fleming Burke, Junior through his son Samuel Burke, Isaiah Nathaniel Burke, Samuel Jesse Burke. Her Samuel Burke and your Isaiah F. Burke were brothers. If I have your line correct it is: Fleming Burke, Senior, b. Nov. 29, 1767 - d. 23 Feb.,1848, wife/Rebecca (Miller? Bush?). Fleming Burke, Junior, b. 1802, d. after July 1870, married Nancy Jessee. Isaiah Fuller Burke, b. ca 1832, d. 1877/78, m/Martha A. with known children: David, b. 1854; Mary C., b. July 1856; Henry S.F. or L., b. 8 April 1860; and a dau. b. ca 1857, evidently died. You say he m. a second time SARAH HOLDWAY and they had a family: Isaiah Fuller Burke (1 of 10 ch.)" (Note: This letter was written to I. F. Burke, III.) She continues with some notes about Polly, the daughter of Fleming Burke, Senior, who married Isaiah Fuller. I will place those notes in Polly Burke's biographical sketch. The Russell Co., VA, Will Book 5:220 lists a will June 30, 1839 by BURK: one of the legatees is "Rebecca, daughter of Jessee Vermillion". Burk, John (I2558)
27 A German soldier in WWII and in a Russian prison camp for eight years. Kapellmann, Wilhelm (I3095)
28 A Thomas Sanders, age 75, was living with the Family in 1880 maybe her Father? Stallard, Mary E (I1300)
29 According to my mother, Dorothy E. Burke, her grandmother, Cordelia V. McConnell, told her that Abraham had eight male slaves ("prime bucks for which he had paid top dollar") and a second family which he maintained simultaneously ("and down the road a peice") from the family he had with Lucy. McConnell, Dr. Abraham Berry (I404)
30 According to the 1930 Census the entire family became citzens in 1923, except Ethel who was born in Kentucky and whose father was born in Kentucky so she was already a citizen. Noble, Sherwood Archer Launcelot (I2958)
31 Acourding to 1910 Census family was Methodist Noble, Archiebald David (I438)
32 Aparently when the their children came to America they changed their name from Margiawicz to Margavich. Name, Margiawicz - His Last (I2139)
33 Apparently Eva and Johann were both named Blümm before they married. Blümm, Eva (I2189)
34 At head of title: 1824. Source (S160)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2620)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2178)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1286)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1993)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2105)
40 Burial Vault: Permanent Burial Vaults of Long Island. Vault No. 4415. World War I was from 1914 to 1918. Grandpa Rainson sailed to Montreal May 20, 1914 and Grandma Renilde Ghislaine went to England. English families were taking in Belgian refuges. She worked as a nurse until January 16, 1915 and sailed from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Steymen, Renelda (I3504)
41 Catherine Rachenpaugh may have been named"Rosebaum", born about 1762; and died in Russell Co., VA. Rachenpaugh, Catherine (I2561)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I251)
43 Conceived in Belgium; born in Montreal. S.S. No. 365-14-9690-A. Mechanical Contractor License Permanent I.D. No. 04134. Expired 12/31/1986. Michigan Department of Labor - Bureau of Construction Codes. Class B Boiler Installers License Permanent I.D. No. 1312-B. Expired 12/31/1986. Michigan Department of Labor - Bureau of Construction Codes. Drivers License R 525 229 291 396. Michigan. CHURCH - My Mom said that Dad (E. G. Rainson) went to the church as a young boy and asked if he could go in. The priest told him he was too dirty to come in. Apparently that gave him a dim view of the church. CONCEIVED in BELGIUM - His mother immigrated to Montreal while pregnant with Emanuel. She named him Emanuel because they weren't torpedoed on the way over. NICKNAME: Manny. Rainson, Emanuel Gustave Log Rainson, Emanuel G. Born 5/26/1916 Died 6/18/1986 at 70. Memorial Service was conducted by William Holmes at the North Farmington Baptist Church. Emanuel Gustave Rainson, Born Montreal, Canada. Citizenship (derivative through father) Cert. No. A17946, 06/03/40 from the Supreme Court of Nassau, Nassau County, NY. Came to the USA 12/20/18. Albert Henri Rainson became a citizen 04/09/27. Emanuel was a British citizen until 06/03/40. Port of entry was Rouses Pt. Albert came from Belgium circa 1913 his mother 1914-15. Emmanuel Gustave died 06/18/1986 in Pontiac, MI. Dad's Passport was No.A2030331 in 1970. 05/11/87: Mom moved from 2442 Square Lake Rd., Orchard Lake, MI 48033. Dad died 6/18/86 of cardiac failure and renal failure 11 days after emergency surgery for a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Rainson, Emanuel Gustave (I3509)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I895)
45 Died at 140am. Froncala, Helena (I2110)
46 Died of a Myocardial Infarction. Burke, Arthur Lee (I465)
47 Died of Child Bed Fever after Martha. Martin, Emma Belle (I2478)
48 Died of Lukemia. She wrote a book about being a teenager with Lukemia. Rainson, Els (I733)
49 Dorothy Simonson /Allen/ Simonson, Dorothy Pearl Allen (I249)
50 Dorthy /Burke/ Burke, Dorothy Estelle (I2046)

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