Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Paul J  13 May 1893Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2026
2 Hart, Mary A.  4 Nov 1890Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2201
3 Hart, Pauline  26 Jul 1888Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I1717
4 Lindley, Eva  18 Dec 1893Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2404
5 Sharp, Ada May  27 Aug 1881Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2350
6 Tamlyn, Helen Elizabeth  11 Jun 1885Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2674
7 Tamlyn, Roy E  20 Aug 1889Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2673


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hart, Solomon  1 Mar 1890Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I1282
2 Lindley, Edwin J.  18 Oct 1893Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I3203
3 Lindley, Eva  27 Jan 1908Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2404
4 Siler, Salina  27 Jan 1906Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I45
5 Tamlyn, James  24 Oct 1890Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I783


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hart, Andrew  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I3624
2 Hart, Charlotte  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I3625
3 Hart, James  1910Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I3623
4 Hart, Lewis  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2102
5 Hart, Lewis  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2102
6 Hart, Llewellyn D.  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2107
7 Hart, Mildred Grace  1910Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2570
8 Neithammer, Louisa  1910Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I981
9 Tamlyn, Helen Elizabeth  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2674
10 Tamlyn, James B  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2675
11 Tamlyn, Roy E  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I2673
12 Tamlyn, Samuel Eli  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I1098
13 Townsend, Pauline M.  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I376
14 Townsend, Pauline M.  1900Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan I376