Voyage on the Britannia

We believe James Hart and his wife Jane sailed on the Britannia to the United States in June of 1842. This is an article about how that voyage may have been. It is also possible Jane was 7 months pregnant with Samuel at the time.


“……To get a feeling for the early days of steam you have to put yourself in the position of someone wishing to cross the Atlantic. A roaring ocean at times that struck fear into many a seasoned sailor, never mind the landlubber wanting to emigrate or visit relatives or business associates. …. being locked up in a tub hundreds of miles away from the engineers who built the engines would not, I suspect, have been a comfortable thought for many.…. Step aboard then Cunard’s first ship, the paddle steamer BRITANNIA, built on the Clyde by Robert Duncan, engines by Napier.”

If you’re interested, the entire article is here: Britannia