Hart Family History

Family History indicates the Hart’s migrated from Scotland to Ireland in the mid 1780”s.This is referenced in newspaper article about a Hart family reunion. This migration corresponds to the start of the “Scottish Clearances”, the act of driving people from their land, first in the lowlands in the mid 1700’s,followed by the highlands in 1785.

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  1. I am descended from John Hart a mill owner in Paisley Scotland. He emigrated from Paisley in 1842, when he chartered a ship The Carlton and sailed with other Paisley weavers to Perth Ontario where he became a book seller

  2. Dear Patricia,
    We recently received some information from a cousin who is a descendant of James Hart (b.1813 d.1889), son of Samuel Hart (b.1790 d 1859).
    Based on the information we received Samuel Hart’s (b.1790 d 1859) father was Robert Hart (b. c1760 in Scotland) married an Annie Todd and had 4 children; Nancy Martha Hart, Robert Hart, Samuel Hart (our ancestor) and Joseph Hart. It is believed all of these children were born in Northern Ireland in the late 1700’s and/or early 1800’s.
    If there is a connection to your family it could be prior to Robert Hart’s migration from Scotland to Ireland around the mid 1770s. Do you know if there are any of the same names in your family? The Scottish and Irish had a pattern of naming their children after fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers and sisters.

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