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Not often does someone have the foresight to document their life for future generations to view. In the case of William H. Hart, not only did he document a portion of his life in a journal, but he also provided valuable information he gathered at various family reunions. William also gathers various anecdotal tidbits of information from and about his parents and grandparents. While William questions if anyone will even look at his writings or gain information from them. Little does he know that almost 90 years later he has provided us with a view of our family history that we could have only guessed at without the information he has shared with us. It is one thing for him to have written the journal, but without the dedication of his grandson who has preserved and shared William’s writings we may never have gained this insightful view. We thank William Hart for preserving a piece of history for us, and thank his grandson William Sayre for sharing the history with us.

More information from the journal will be provided in future postings

2 thoughts on “The Journal

  1. I am curious to find out the relationship between the Harts and the Adamsons. My Great Grandmother was Augusta Rebecca Lavina Wade married to Edward Lawrence Adamson. Thank you for the information you have helped me with on researching my own family tree. I am sorry to hear of your loss. God bless you and your family.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for your kind words and I am glad we were able to help in your research.
    In regards to the relationship between the Harts and the Adamson’s, there is no direct relationship.
    Barbara Helen Gracy, a granddaughter to Solomon Hart and daughter of Birdie Hart, married Louis James Klemmer. Louis was the son of Anna Elizabeth Adamson and the grandson of James Adamson.
    Anna Elizabeth Adamson was the mother in-law of Barbara Helen Gracy and Birdie Hart was the mother in-law of Louis Klemmer. So the relationship of the Harts and Adamson’s is an in-law relationship.
    There is more of a direct relationship between the Klemmer’s and the Adamson’s and I will pass your comments on to the children of Barbara and Louis.
    Michael Hart

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