Our Loss.

Dorothy Estelle (Burke) Rainson was born in Waterloo Iowa over 94 years ago.

Dorothy, or as I always called her” Aunt Trassie”, was a person who would always find the good in everyone and could always find the positive in a bad situation. She was the person who could always make you feel better. When I was around 3 years old or younger, my mother and Aunt Trassie took me and my cousin to get our childhood vaccinations, a very frightening experience. Her radiant and infectious smile combined with her comforting voice made my childhood vaccinations more palatable. That was my earliest memory of Aunt Trassie.

Her always positive attitude and thoughts, even at a time when things look the most bleak, made her shine and stand above the rest. This same resolve was always a comfort for those she would console during their times of despair. During the time my mother was dying, Aunt Trassie dropped everything and flew many miles to be with her. I know she did this not to be just with my mother, but she was there to help the rest of us get through a very hard time.

Throughout the years, after every meeting or conversation with Aunt Trassie, I was always left feeling good and smiling.

There are many people who could relate the same admiration for Dorothy’s demeanor.

I will miss her smile, laughter and the wonderful stories she would tell, but I do take comfort in the fact that I was able to know and love a truly good and wonderful person, who is now with God.

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  1. Mike, I grieve with you and Dorothy’s family and with all her descendants. The extended Hart family is diminished by her passing. God bless us all.

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