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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cahtherine  Abt 1825New York I1533
2 Charlotte  Nov 1858New York I1901
3 Elgie A  Abt 1894New York I1349
4 Ida  Abt 1853New York I3729
5 Irene R  Abt 1888New York I2309
6 Ruby  30 Aug 1916New York I1572
7 Anderson, Lois Hart  26 Mar 1899New York I3787
8 Angell, Seymour L  Abt 1834New York I2169
9 Bailey, Amanda M.  1825New York I3603
10 Bailey, Chauncey Hyde  1806New York I2915
11 Bailey, Ezekiel  1826New York I1135
12 Bailey, Mariah  1828New York I2925
13 Bailey, William H.  1835New York I2913
14 Ball, Lillian Mae  8 Oct 1884New York I3421
15 Barnum, Caroline "Carrie"  15 Apr 1833New York I596
16 Batty, Levi J  1897New York I3293
17 Batty, Maynard  13 Sep 1901New York I268
18 Behrend, William Herman  5 Oct 1897New York I1801
19 Blake, Lucretia F  1814New York I252
20 Brower, Calvin L  13 Dec 1904New York I2299
21 Brower, Frederick Walter  19 Apr 1907New York I1287
22 Casey, Jane  Oct 1844New York I3744
23 Conkling, Stanton  1865New York I3551
24 Cotton, Samuel  Abt 1825New York I2173
25 Cowen, Elizabeth  19 Jun 1773New York I1851
26 Crumb, Katherine  Abt 1872New York I1583
27 Davis, Janet Hart  14 Apr 1913New York I2331
28 DeCock, Helen  24 Dec 1918New York I128
29 Downey, Jennie  1885New York I1698
30 Draper, Cornelia  Abt 1890New York I3668
31 Draper, George  Abt 1887New York I2458
32 Draper, Mary Jane  17 Feb 1930New York I3252
33 Dukan, Mary  Aug 1852New York I2400
34 Earle, Elizabeth  1810New York I1397
35 Engel, Alvenia  Abt 1852New York I2797
36 Engel, Oscar  Abt 1857New York I1244
37 Frambach, Emma  Apr 1883New York I198
38 Frank, Alice L  Abt 1899New York I647
39 Frank, Frederick James  12 Jun 1867New York I1636
40 Franklin, George  4 Nov 1877New York I1933
41 Fullington, Lois A  Abt 1855New York I1566
42 Gardner, Cora  Abt 1870New York I1369
43 Gardner, Emma Loretta  22 Aug 1859New York I691
44 Gardner, Ettie A.  Abt 1861New York I1219
45 Gardner, Fred G  Jun 1865New York I2566
46 Gardner, George W.  Abt 1874New York I1178
47 Gardner, Grace  Abt 1879New York I3055
48 Gardner, Herbert  Abt 1863New York I973
49 Gardner, Jeffrew W.  Abt 1859New York I819
50 Gardner, Luther W  Jan 1872New York I3461

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Percy  10 Oct 1957New York I3788
2 Hart, Allen Arthur  1946New York I2230
3 Hart, Grace P  22 May 1955New York I2613
4 Hart, John Kirk  Mar 1988New York I204
5 Hopper, Lizzie D  1932New York I1526
6 Rainson, Albert H  1952New York I3505
7 Surline, Elmer  20 Jul 1989New York I425
8 Wilcox, Mary  1880New York I1261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Haeger, Caroline  New York I2969
2 Hart, Mary Ann  23 Jul 1834New York I1940
3 Neithammer, John George  23 Jun 1853New York I918
4 Ponce, Marie Therese  7 Jun 1853New York I1799
5 Zimmer, Mathias  17 Jun 1853New York I1858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clarinda  1823New York I2023
2 Hart, Charlotte "lottie"  1855New York I2494
3 Hart, Charlotte "lottie"  1855New York I2494
4 Hart, Samuel  1844New York I391
5 Hart, Samuel  1845New York I391
6 Hart, Solomon  1855New York I2498
7 Hart, Solomon  1855New York I2498
8 Hart, Solomon  1855New York I2498
9 Hart, Solomon  1855New York I2498
10 Hart, William  1844New York I388
11 Hart, William  1845New York I388
12 Mclean, Morgan A  1867New York I3044
13 Walker, Julia  1843New York I138


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey /   1831New York F1090
2 Hart / Underwood  1843New York F923