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Charles Leo Hart Sr.

We received this communication from a young man looking to to trace his family history. Although there isn’t any apparent connection to anyone in our tree I thought I would post this request to give him some visibility in case someone has a contact for him.

Hi my name is Ethan hart and I’m 16. I’ve been trying to trace my fathers history since I was 12. And I can’t get anywhere. All I can get to is where my great grand father, Charles Leo Hart sr. Was born which was in moundsville West Virginia in 1928 since there was no record of his father and who he was it makes it almost impossible to find out about my history which is really important to me. Can anyone help me out? If so email me at Thank you


The passing of a generation: Aunt Ellie RIP (1915-2013)

I received this email from one of our cousins, Bill Sayre, sent last night Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

Dear Cousins,

My Aunt Ellie, Elnora Hart Johnson, passed away today at her home in Florida. She was the last of my mother’s generation and will be sorely missed. She was attended by her daughter, Nancy and grandson, Chad, and was lucid until the end.

Elnora Hart Johnson

She had suffered a previous stroke, a recent heart attack and was believed to have had a cancerous mass in her colon.

Aunt Ellie was a surrogate mother to me and my sisters since we lost our mother (Ellie’s older sister) in 1955. She was also the person to whom the book, A Family Journal, was dedicated. I am so thankful she was able to enjoy its content between Christmas and now. She was overwhelmed by the project we all helped produce and wrote two thank-you notes to me. In fact, her daughter brought it to the hospital to share passages prior to her death.

It now falls to us in our generation to pick up the torch and hold it high. We are Harts, loving and proud.